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Per System (es_systems.cfg) pre & post commandline

  • Hi all,

    AFAIK there's no way to run a script before booting a system or after.

    I would humbly ask for a /prerunscript and a /postrunscript to be added/read in es_systems.cfg

    For example;

    <fullname>Sega Game Gear</fullname>
    <extension>.gg .GG</extension>
    <command>/opt/retropie/emulators/osmose-0.8.1+rpi20121122/osmose %ROM% -joy -tv -fs</command>


    I can find many reasons for this but my reason to ask is to support the RGB-Pi and RetroTINK Raspberry Pi hats that output to SCART / Component to original CRT TV's.

    They adjust the HDMI_Timings to match the original system, so it matches the output from the original system, timing and all.

    I could request this via RetroArch but its probably easier to implement in the runcommand script :)

    (I'd ask for in future maybe a MAME/FB Alpha per game prescript, but i'd be more than grateful for the Console Systems for now)
    Actually if the scripts could be passed the rom parameter, we could take care of the per game code in the script. (even if the console scripts probably wouldn't use it, the mess/mame/fb alpha/psx cores could and the ones that don't need it can just ignore it)

    so the actual command would look like;

    /path/to/ sfa2

    People could even downclock their pies per core to save heat/power etc.

    Thank you for reading,

    Kind Regards,


  • I kept getting blocked, but pass whatever the rom on the commandline is, let the script filter it for its needs for the system

    if the romfile parameter is sfa2 pass that
    is the romfile parameter is /mnt/hdd/Super Mario

    etc let the script writers deal with it. (To make your lives easier!)

  • Global Moderator


    Would the and scripts detailed here handle what you need?

  • @mediamogul

    Oh wow, thank you mediamogul! I knew about those scripts but didn't realise there was anything passed to them :/

    Will need to make a IF system equals script but I can do that, save you guys to work on more important stuff

    Really sorry about not RTFM :S

    Thanks a heap, MediaMogul and again, I apologise.

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    No problem. Glad it helped.

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