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On the configure controller section I get so far and it locks up

  • When configuring my controller in a new retropie setup, I get so far down the list and it locks up. Then for some reason I get on screen gobbledegook and a flashing cursor. I do not speak the lingo, the nearest I've been to "Python" is Earthworm Jim.
    What am I supposed to do next?

  • @pickles Need a bit more information, as usual.

    ES version, type of controller, are you running the image from the site (or another pre-made image), etc.

    An image may help both of how far you get as well as the flashing cursor screen so we could read any relevant messages.

  • @pjft I am simply trying to configure my controller and open retropie. Managed to configure but on the next boot I had to re configure, and my wifi connection had also disappeared. Go figure???

  • @pickles I strongly suspect a faulty SD card. It's known that they get into a read-only state when they're approaching their end.

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