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Control issues in certain games (New to the pi)

  • Please read this carefully as I have already searched this issue on the forums and found lots of people with the exact opposite problem. Please do not give me solutions to their issues. I am a new user of the Raspberry pie. When playing N64 games, my controller seems to work just fine but the inputs I used for exiting the game (Select + Start) fail to work. I've also noticed a severe frame rate drop in N64 games. I'm not sure if that is connected. Also while using the PS emulator I'll notice some games none of the buttons work, while other games all but the start button works. Is this an issue with the emulators themselves?

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    @jedi1josh Please give more details about your system and problem -

  • Did you setup your retroarch inputs correctly?
    Otherwise you can hardcode your buttons in the retroarch script from your emulators.
    The Playstation issue could be that the game doesn't work with a analog controller.

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