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Advancemame - advv/advcgf issue

  • Hello,
    i'm trying to set up "pixel perfect" with advancemame 3.6 on Retropie 4.3, using Pi2scart solution.
    I install advancemame from binary through retropie menu and then i follow the "pixel perfect" guide that allow us to select the modelines.

    Using root user, i'm able to use advv / advcgf command, but when these executables try to change "advmame.rc" file , they cannot.

    If you use, according to the documentation, the -RC parameter and you specify for example "TEST.RC" filename, it will be created a file with the desired changes. Then i add these lines to original advmame.rc file. So it's like a permission issue.

    Anybody there that has an arcade monitor / crt tv and ?


  • I don’t have any experience with this particular setup. But do you need to be root user to make these changes? Being logged in as root has changed permissions in the past for me that broke my setup pretty bad.

    Maybe you can run the utilities with sudo as user Pi and see if that changes the outcome. I may be way off base. I’d love to see the results of this on a CRT when finished. Good luck

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