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Moonlight+Xbox360 controller not working properly

  • Pi Model or other hardware: 3 B
    RetroPie Version Used: v4.3
    Built From: RetroPie Website
    USB Devices connected: Xbox360 wired controller
    Controller used: Xbox360 wired controller

    First of all been trying to fix this for almost 12 hours now going through a lot of videos and forums.
    So what is it that I'm trying to do. Well run Steam through Moonlight on Retropie.
    Well that works. But when entering steam my xbox controller is acting up. My right stick up and down moves the mouse left and right. Right stick left and right access a weird menu(web browser)

    When running " moonlight map " I get "you need to specify one input device using -input" and nothing works there.

    I am really nooby when it comes to this... but still feels like I have tried everything.

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