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Switching Power Strip

  • Installed everything, hooked it all up to a switching powerstrip. When the RPi 3 is turned on with a switch connected to the PowerBlock, the Pi is supposed to go on and then make the powerstrip power up the monitor and speaker amp and LEDs for the marquee. Problem is is that this doesnt happen. The Pi goes on, but the other devices do not. I think its because the control plug that the Pi is connected to needs a minimum of 12 Watts to turn on the devices. Is anyone else using one of these types of powerstrips in their cabinets with success?

  • By "Switching Power Strip" you just mean a power strip that has a switch on it for on/off? You might need to be more specific about what kind of power switch you are talking about.

  • @alturis I think @johnny5126 means a power strip with one "master" socket and a number of "slave" sockets. If the device connected to the master socket draws power, the slave sockets will be powered by the strip automatically.

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