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Atari 7800 roms not working, show black screen instead

  • Hi, I'm very new to retropie and pis in general. I just bought my first one a few days ago, and I downloaded the latest version of retropie (I believe it was 4.3) and put it on my microsd card, I set it up with a keyboard as my controller, and tried to download some games.

    Yesterday I successfully put a copy of dig dug on the 7800 emulator and it works great, today I tried to do some with mame and through some other forums, I learned that mame is very difficult to get to work, so I went back to the 7800 which I had success with. I haven't been able to get any other roms to work though. I believe this to be a problem with something I'm doing, opposed to bad roms.

    I'm using a 3b as my pi. I'm used the charging cord that came with my smraza case, and everything is plugged in correctly. I'm not sure what is going wrong. I download the rom, and move it into the 7800 folder, and pull it up on my pi, and when I try to run the game, it normally just goes to a black screen and stays there. I'm not sure how to fix it so it would run correctly, and also how do I get back to the menu from that black screen so I don't have to restart it every time? Any help towards fixing this would be greatly appreciated.

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