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Two wiimotes and Dolphin bar and Windows

  • Hello!
    I want to play light gun games with two wiimotes. I setup RetroArch for windows. And then I ran into a problem. How can I connect two wiimotes as mouses? I must say, what I use Dolphin bar. If I activate mode 1 or 2, on RetroArch start I see mouse with Index 0 it is my Logitech mouse, and I see mouse with index 1 is Dolphin bar. But in this mode I can't use two wiimotes. If I activate mode 3 or 4 - NO mouse with index 1. RetroArch detect only my Logitech mouse. What should I do to connect the two wiimotes and both as mouse?
    In RetroArch I selected raw Input driver and sdl2 Joypad driver. Help me please. What other action is needed? Sorry for my English. It is not my language.

  • The last person I have heard that got 2 working needed 2 separate dolphin bars... but don’t quote me on that.

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    It's true that the Dolphinbar will only allow one Wiimote to function as a mouse. However, if you set it to mode 3 and attach a nunchuck to each Wiimote, the IR motion will be translated to joystick movement rather than mouse movement and it can then be mapped that way with up to four Wiimotes.

    It's not a perfect solution, as it requires the nunchucks, but it is doable. Incidentally, this control scheme is a lot of fun to use on first person shooters where the IR can be used for POV aiming and the nunchuck thumbstick can be used for movement. I've been meaning to set up 'Brutal Doom' this way, but haven't got around to it yet.

  • I find one way to translate dolphin bar device to four virtual xbox controller. But I don't know how use xbox360 controller as light gun in RetroArch. Is posible? So I set mame 2015 core in RetroArch and start Terminator2 game. But I can't control cursor in game via mouse. It is very important fo me for test. can any body help me run mame game in retroArch with mouse as light gun?

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    @drdobro said in Two wiimotes and Dolphin bar and Windows:

    I find one way to translate dolphin bar device to four virtual xbox controller. But I don't know how use xbox360 controller as light gun in RetroArch.

    If you're referring to xboxdrv, you can use it to map the IR joystick movement of mode 3 to mouse movement and the 'A' and 'B' buttons to mouse clicks. Information on how to do this can be found here.

  • @mediamogul
    I wrote big post with global problem for co-op light gun games . Сan be put it in a separate topic?

    my goal is to write a guide for connecting wiimotes using dolphin bar for windows 7, 8, 10.
    I want to connect up to four guns at the same time. dolphin bar supports 4 wiimotes. I think its possible, but it is not

    I could not find a ready solution.

    So, that's what I have so far:
    I have a dolphin bar and four wiimotes.
    I turn on dolphin bar and set mode to 4. In this mode bar support 4 wiimotes. But in system I can see only one device with

    four parts of this device.
    Next, I used "tools WiimoteHook" and refered every part to Xbox 360 virtual controller. And now I have four Xbox controller

    in system. I start options for every controller and can see that I push button on wiimote this button is highlighted on

    calibration page. And its good.
    My next step is downloading PadTest_1011 for motion test. And I see that position in application changed when I move

    wiimote. But I don't know how I check accuracy of this. In PadTest_1011 I see Gyroscope and Accelerometre values. Use it IR

    sensor well or not - I don't know.
    Tools WiimoteHook work with wiimote and bluetooth dongle too. Therefore, the solution of the problem will be sufficiently


    Further I will describe the problems that need to be solved. I'll do it in steps.
    And I ask for help for a solution. A big request, those who know how to help me, indicate a step in which you can help and

    detail the solution. Reading this post you noticed that my English is not the best. Therefore, I ask for detailed answers

    with the attached screenShots. This will save a lot of time for my tests.

    step 1
    Select test platform. To the first I want test this construction on Nes emulation. And I have some question. Can I use Xbox

    controller as light gun in Nes? If No, how Can I refer Xbox controller position value to RetroArch? What settings I must

    select in driver Menu? What Input driver? What joypad driver? And main, Should I see the cursor in the game also if I do

    emulation with the mouse? To the same question. What input options should I choose to use as a light gun a joystick and not

    a mouse?

    step 2
    As far as I know, in the new versions of RetroArch there is support for the ROW driver. Hence the use of several mice. Can

    there be some way to translate each controller to a virtual mouse? And then specify the mouse index in the user settings,

    pre-selecting the ROW input driver.

    step 3
    Also for testing I tried to start the mame game with a normal mouse.
    But it did not work. RetroArch constantly turns off with an error.
    Prompt a bunch of emulator(mame2015 or Mame2016 or...) and games. To the game the sight was moving behind the mouse. For

    example mame2015 and terminator 2 . This bunch did not work for me. What should I specify input driver, joypad driver or

    input settings?
    I choose the core in retroArch. But I will be glad to see the link to the game.

    I think the decision of any of these issues will give progress. At the moment, I also look at these problems. And if I find

    some solutions, then write it down. But I also hope for your help.

    Sorry for my English. It is no my language.

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    Currently, RetroArch requires a mouse of some kind for light gun emulation. Hopefully in the future there will be an option to map a joystick axis and buttons as well. Until then, you'll need some sort of solution to map IR movement recieved from the Dolphin bar to mouse movements if you want any chance of using multiple light guns, seeing as how the Dolphinbar will only support one mouse natively.

    You mentioned using WiimoteHook and I've briefly looked at it recently. It seems to be very capable and uses mode 4 of the Dolphinbar (normally intended for the Dolphin emulator) to access all the raw data of a Wiimote. However, while I may have overlooked something, I didn't see any option in WiimoteHook to translate IR movement to that of a mouse. Still, being Windows, I'm sure there's an alternative to WiimoteHook that will work. In fact, if you were to utilize any key-mapping software that allows the mapping of a mouse to a joystick axis, it should work just fine to allow up to four Dolphinbar Wiimotes in mode 3 to be seen as four separate mice.

  • Step 3 is not actual. I load core Arcade (Mame). Then Load game terminator 2. Then after starting the game, I push f1 and in settings for core I saw Enable in-game mouse. Before running game options for core were disable. I did not know it.

  • @mediamogul
    Suppose that I was able to somehow transfer the coordinates to the X-Box controller. But unfortunately, not at all by the methods that I described. And with the use of one more utility "touchmote". Next I go to the "Input" menu of RetroArch. Then to User1 binds.
    Could you tell me which buttons I should bind for the controllers axes so that it works like a light gun?
    And can this be done through the menu of the RetroArch or do I need to edit the cfg files for the x- and y- axis installation?

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    @drdobro said in Two wiimotes and Dolphin bar and Windows:

    Could you tell me which buttons I should bind for the controllers axes so that it works like a light gun?

    Actually, as long as you're able to use some utility to map mouse movement to the Wiimote's infrared movement from the Dolphinbar to simulated mouse movement, as well as map the mouse left click to the Wiimote's 'B' button, RetroArch should be able to read it without any further binding. However, you'll still need the set the mouse index number for each player in the player input binds. That setting for each player can be found by navigating to 'Settings' and then to 'Input'. Each mouse read by the operating system has a number and you'll need to assign those numbers to each player as you see fit.

    Depending on the core, you may also need to change a setting here and there in the core options, or core controls. For example, to play most NES Zapper games, the player 2 device should be set to 'Zapper' in the core controls of lr-fceumm. Also, based on this particular setup, I believe that the Zapper should be set to 'Mouse', rather than 'Pointer' in the core lr-fceumm options. I realize this is all a lot to take in and to be honest, RetroArch's light gun implementation is a bit convoluted and incomplete currently, but it's a lot better than it was a few months ago and hopefully it will continue to improve over time.

    And can this be done through the menu of the RetroArch

    Fortunately, yes. All of the above can be done through the RetroArch menu.

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