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  • I've turned the interwebs upside down looking for a fix for this problem, but to no avail. Perhaps I'm not looking in the right places or not using the right search terms.
    Anyway, here goes:
    I have a Natec Genesis P65 PS3/PC controller and I want it to behave and be detected as an Xbox 360 controller when I connect it to my RetroPie. It has a D-Input/X-input switch on the back, and when I connect it to a PC, it is registered as an Xbox360 controller with full functionality. When I connect it to the Pi, however, it is detected as a Shanwan PS3 controller. Buttons register input, but they are inconsistent in games and functionality is just "off". I've run jstest to make sure everything works, and it does.
    Now, according to the manufacturer of the controller, the D-input/X-input switch on the back doesn't matter if you connect the controller to a PS3. It'll always be in D-input mode in this case. I have a suspicion that the module the Pi is using to support PS3 plug and play is forcing the controller into this mode.
    Is there a way to disable PS3 controller support completely (wired - native) to force the controller to operate in X-input mode, as it does on the PC?

    Thank you for baring with me, and for your responses. :)

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    @ingvisnædal Remove the PS3 driver in RetroPie - do you have it installed ?

  • @mitu I didn't install the extra driver through driver management that's required for wireless Bluetooth connection, if that's what you mean. After retropie 3.0, I believe it was, wired ps3 controller support was added as a native feature. That's what I need to disable, I think...

  • @ingvisnædal is there a way to install an old version of the joystick module? Pre-ps3joy support, or removing the ps3joy support from the joystick module?

  • You can try to create a file /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-hid_sony.conf and put a line blacklist hid_sony inside, then reboot.
    This will prevent the hid_sony kernel module to load.

  • @sano This sounds very much like what I'm trying to accomplish! :)
    is there a separate hid for sony clones? The controller is still being detected as "ShanWan PS3/PC Wired GamePad"

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