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  • Hi guys, I'm brand new at this. I've had success so far with the ROMs from NES, SNES, GameGear, SEGA 32X, and GameBoy. However, after loading N64 ROMs in the 'n64' folder, its emulator isn't showing up on the main selection screen. I haven't messed with any configs.

    The MAME emulator is populating, but the games won't play -- the screen just goes black for a second and then returns to the game list. Not sure if this is a related problem.

    Details below. Like I said, I'm a novice user, so if you could break the answers down, that would help. Any help is appreciated.

    Pi Model: 3
    RetroPie Version: v4.3
    Built From: 32GB SD card built on Raspbian Stretch
    USB Devices connected: PS3 controller
    Controller used: PS3
    Error messages received: None - just doesn't show up
    Guide used: None
    File: \configs\n64
    Emulator: mupen64plus (?) - I think

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    N64: wrong extension *see docs

    Mame: wrong romset *see docs

  • Thank you.

    Future answer: I had to extract the .n64 files from their zipped folders, which you don't have to do with some other consoles but apparently with N64 you must.

  • @spartacus This is all in the docs. It does not show zip files as a valid format for any N64 emulator.
    Save yourself future headaches with some light reading of the official documentation.

  • @spartacus

    Shows what format your ROMs need to be in for each system

  • @Spartacus as the fellows told you before me, the main problem on loading the N64 games could be the extension. If the files are zipped, unzip them and throw those files into the proper folder. The N64 extension should .n64 .v64 or .z64. Most of the games should work properly depending on the configuration and your raspberry model. I always had problems with Killer Instinct since I'm not able to find a good file for that game. But for the others, I had no problem at all.

    Concerning the MAME incident, as @herb_fargus stated, the problem should reside on the romset you have. MAME has many different versions and a single game could work fine in one oh those versions but could not work in other. I don't remember but I guess most of the working games are in the romset 1.38

    You can check it.

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