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SNES gamepads both acting strange

  • I'm using the ControlBlock in an actual SNES case with actual SNES controllers.

    I have the ControlBlock wired up, installed, and configured. The power switch and LED switches both work fine. My Raspberry Pi recognizes the two SNES controllers, however when I test the buttons, both controllers are only registering the "B" button. jstest shows that when the B button is pushed, it registers that every single button on the controller is pushed. The same exact thing happens for the second player controller.

    Any thoughts on what could cause both controllers to act like this?

  • I tried following the diagram here. Did I do something incorrectly?
    alt text

  • Me again. It turns out I had the P1P2 Latch and P1P2 Clock swapped when I put the wires into the ControlBlock. I was looking at the SNES pinout incorrectly. I flipped them around and it works perfectly now.

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    Glad to hear that you found the problem.

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