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8bitdo Bluetooth detected but not working in ES under Stretch

  • Rebuilt my Retropie image from the ground up over the last few days.

    Retropie 4.3.15 installed from image Stretch Image for Testing thread

    Tested and duplicated issue on Raspberry Pi 3 B+ and Raspberry Pi 3 B.

    5v/2.5A Power Supply

    Tried a variety of 8bitdo controllers with the same results.

    Usb mode works fine. If I go to bluetooth in the Retropie in the main menu and then to Bluetooth and set the controller into pairing mode, it will show up (it actually seems to detect the controller more reliably than it did in 4.3.) - The controller is registered and I exit back out into Emulation Station.

    I hit start and enter the Controller Config menu and 2 controllers are detected (I am already using 1 USB controller to navigate the menus at this point), so ES had registered the new bluetooth controller.

    Here's where the problem starts. Where I would normally hold a key on the BT controller to begin to map the controls, I get no response. I also notice, where the LED on the controller should be solid blue/connected at this point, it is still flashing.

    I've tested this on a FC30, NES30 and FC30. Any guidance would be appreciated. I am seeing a few other people having the same problem, but wanted to create a unified topic.

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