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[SOLVED] Scrapped videos slow/not working

  • Hi there

    I run my 5k roms from a local NAS, with high bandwidth and no issue with games.
    But preview videos scrapped with Steven selph are not showing/slow/full of artifacts.

    From your experience is it because of any options in the scrapping ? ( console and arcade sources ..)
    Should I re encode videos With handbrake ? If yes in which format and resolution ?

    Change OMx to VLC or the contrary ?

    Should I give up since I have thousands of roms and a remote rom location ?

    Thanks a lot

  • Just my limited experience:
    I have both EmulationStation and Pegasus installed, with the latter being my primary frontend.

    The difference between the two is especially visible with video previews. Pegasus runs fine with little to no problems, but it seems that EmulationStation really starts to struggle after browsing just for a short period of time (sound- and graphical glitches, slowdowns), eventually with the overheating indicator popping up if browsning and gaming for a longer period of time.

    I don't know if you can use this info, but in my experience, on my setup (RPi 3B with no active cooling) ES and video previews are a bad combo. My videos are scraped with Universal XML Scraper.

    With Pegasus (which is easy to install and give a whirl) I have tested having videos on the internal MicroSD and having them placed on external USB flash drive. The only difference is not the performance, but the frontends loading time. When it's ready, the videos perform well in either situation. Due to the much faster loading time for the frontend, I ended up placing all artwork on the internal MicroSD, but games are still run off USB.

  • thanks I'll try Pegasus If I find no answer.
    Maybe I should just move preview videos and images to an usb and change the gamelist.xlm paths ... The nas and the huge amount of previews I have seems to be the problem here...

  • OMX Player would certainly be more performant. Some arcade video formats will not play there though. Re-encoding with Handbrake might help in that case, but I'd test OMX Player first.

    I've seen some reports in the forums of NAS and video streaming to be a sub-optimal choice and resulting in the symptoms you're describing. No idea why.

    I have used ES from the beginning of video previews and I personally have had no issues with it, especially with OMX Player. I have all my videos on an external USB disk, though.

    @AndersHP I certainly have only experienced the overheating and slowdown issues on ES when using VLC. I wouldn't imagine that happening with OMX Player as it's pretty much decoded via hardware, and can render 1080p video effortlessly, but maybe there's something I'm missing in that specific scenario?

  • Thank you. Before anything I’ll also rescrap from screenscrapper rather than arcadeitalia
    Then I’ll try with OXM
    If needed re encode with handbrake

    And if it still doesn’t work I’ll move preview files to an usb.

    Thanks guys

  • rescrapped all with Screenscraper instead of Arcadeitalia
    Switched on OMX
    eveything ok except some mame which I re encoded.

    thanks everybody.

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