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Vice won't save hotkeys

  • Now vice won't save the mapped hot keys. I load up the virtual keyboard, select a key, press M then press a button to map. In game it works fine. I press f12, then settings management, and save hot keys, and then I exit and reenter, and the key is no longer saved. Any ideas?

  • Anyone?

  • Nope, no one.

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    I don't believe I've ever reset my hotkeys. I looked at it briefly the other night and saw where there was an option to save and load hotkeys, but I didn't see any setting to load them automatically when Vice is launched.

    Edit: Perhaps they can be loaded with a modified launch command.

    Edit 2: Unfortunately, while they do exist, hotkeys don't appear to be documented anywhere in the official user manual outside of one or two brief mentions.

  • @johnny5126 I am new to Vice having only installed it over the weekend.

    The video tutorial above that I used to map my joystick encouraged me to Save current settings, Save hotkeys and Save joystick map each time I made a new mapping.

    I followed this advice and when I looked at the Vice config files in /opt/retropie/configs/c64, I noticed that changes were only being made to sdl-joymap-C64.vjm and not sdl-hotkey-C64.vkm which was the same as when first created.

    For your maps to the virtual keyboard, for example, you should choose Save joystick map for them to persist. You can check this by looking at sdl-joymap-C64.vjm and you should see a line like 0 1 0 5 Virtual keyboard.

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