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No Splashscreen menu on RPi3

  • Fresh install RetroPie on OSMC distro but I have no splashscreen.
    After launch splashscreen from retropie menu I get error
    no module 'splashscreen' found for platform rpi3

  • The Retropie menu within the EmulationStation front-end should have a "Configure Splashscreen" entry (4th item in my setup).

    If you're not seeing that option, you may need to run the Retropie-Setup script and then "S Update Retropie-Setup Script".

    If that doesn't work, then also try the "U Update" command in Retropie Setup and check if the splash screen configuration command shows up.

  • administrators

    @dimmuboy said in No Splashscreen menu on RPi3:

    OSMC distro

    I thought that was a buildroot system whereas raspbian uses a different mechanism. I don't know if osmc supports the splash screen in the same way.

  • administrators

    There is no splash screen option for OSMC.

  • I'd love to be able to use the attractmode with OSMC, but I think it isn't possible

    I use OSMC for KODI and installed RetroPie via RetroSMC, which now works perfectly with Debian Stretch now that RetroPie has been worked on for Stretch

    I've even tried custom scripts I found that add the attract options to emulationstation so you can switch between the different modes via the emulationstation menu but that doesn't work either as the modes don't appear on the emulationstation menu. At least not with OSMC as no menu options appear and I've never seen the 'Configure Splashscreen' option either with OSMC

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