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Retropie 4.3.16 / Raspianstretch and Xbox 360 Wireless dongle issue with nespi case

  • Hello, I recently built a retropie 4.3.16 / Raspianstretch setup on using a Pi3b in a NesPi case, after connecting my OEM Xbox Wireless receiver I soon realized I was running out of space, after doing some du commands I found there were some very large log files like kern.log being 1.4GB, but also flooding messages and syslog as well

    I submitted it to github issue tracker as well

    I checked inside and found it was flooded with "WARN::dwc_otg_handle_mode_mismatch_intr:68: Mode Mismatch Interrupt: currently in Host mode" every second which was causing the logs to be huge

    I did some troubleshooting by opening the NesPi case and plugging the Xbox 360 wireless dongle into the Pi USB ports directly and it seems to stop the flooding, connecting it back to any of the ports on the NesPi case started the flooding right away, it seems that maybe this version doesn't like the USB hub inside NesPi case

    After rolling back to a Jessie I don't have that issue anymore

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    So just to clarify, this is only happening when plugged into the nespi case?

  • Correct, it seems to not like the USB hub in the NesPi case, if I connect the Xbox USB dongle directly into the Pi it does not flood the log, I was tailing the log and trying different ports

    While log is being flooded with that message the controller does actually work

    Once I rolled back to Jessie I don't get any issue at all

    Someone gave me a hint that I can change the logging in "/boot/cmdlin.txt" is that a possibility ?

  • grrr why is this nespi case such a gorgeous mess!

  • i have the very same problem, while testing with a 3B+..
    i had to disable logging completely, just so that the log files wouldn't fill up my sd-card, with these two commands:

    • service rsyslog stop
    • systemctl disable rsyslog
      (user: pi, pw: raspberry)

    sadly, now i have to reconnect the dongle everytime a game starts, though that might have a different reason.. hard to check without logs ;)

  • Thanks @hhenne , I don't think I want to disable logging just yet

    @herb_fargus any ideas I can try ?

    It seems like the Pi is ok with the Nespi case being a USB hub but I think when the Xbox USB dongle connects its trying to be a hub as well and its not liking this double hub action

  • I'm having the same issue, however it only happened to me when I went to a fresh 4.4 (I upgraded a card from 4.3.16 to 4.4 and did not have space issues from runaway log files).

    Funny, I've looked at the forum a few times in the past week and missed this post, just wrote a post then, of course, found this.

    Did you have any luck with this @kewlrich ?

  • @nightfire I just got a brand new Pi3b+, nespi case+ and with retropie 4.4 and unfortunately I am seeing the same issue when plugging the Xbox 360 wireless adapter into the nespi USB ports but works fine directly plug into the pi USB ports

    I was wondering if it was my USB adapter but it works fine on Jessie so it’s just Stretch

    I think I will have to dump this Xbox 360 controller all together and get something else

  • I don't think that it is specific to the Xbox dongle. I am having the same issue and found this on the rpi github. It looks like the kernel is having a hard time with USB hubs.

    F/W 4.14.x causes dwc_otg_handle_mode_mismatch_intr:68: messages on boot with C-Media Electronics Inc. USB PnP Sound Device

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