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  • I have RetroPie installed on Ubuntu 17.10. I have the Apple 2 emulator, linapple, installed, as well as multiple ROMs downloaded for it. All of the ROMs worked with a previous install of RetroPie (I had to uninstall and reinstall), but now, none of them do.

    When I run a game, it just brings up a blank screen - no mouse, can't do anything . The only thing I can do in this blank screen is hit F10 and close the emulator or hold the power button on my laptop to shut it down. Other than this, I cannot do anything.

    Another thing to mention is that while the ROM is booting up, and it is at the screen where you can press a button to configure it, I can press F1 to bring up the linapple help screen, but just after that opens, the blank screen covers it up. Sometimes, if I get lucky, I can actually get it to open that menu without bringing up the blank screen.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated to get this working properly.

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