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My Bartop Arcade Build Is Underway

  • @retroprogrammer Spray painting tip: Less is more, with more coats of less.

    What I mean by that is you should establish a good working distance as described on the can, then give your workpiece passes of spray without being too concerned about total coverage at first. Seriously, if there is one thing I always screw up with spray paint is that I try to do too much.

    Everything I read about spray paint confirms this. You should have the right distance which can seem a little further than you might expect, give clean consistent passes, and let the spray fall on the workpiece once. Let that dry. Repeat. Let that dry. Repeat. Over several steps, you will achieve good coverage.

    What not to do: Don't spray in one spot. By the time it looks good, you will have sprayed too much and you will get horrible drips. It can be so frustrating because it tests your patience. You want to get it finished, but you can end up using too much paint in one place. It drives me crazy every time.

    Take your time, do multiple passes with some drying in between.

  • @caver01 okay, mate will do :) also should I sand MDF before spray paint and put primer on?

  • @retroprogrammer No sanding. But do put primer on MDF, MDF soaks up paint like there's no tomorrow, so put primer on before and it'll save you from having put 45 coats on.

  • @lilbud okay got it, now to get the spray paint, anyone got any suggestions on colors, my buttons are blue and green. I will not be putting any side art, unfortunately, can't afford, maybe next build :'( I was thinking white or black, or even blue and green together, so many possibility's.....

  • @retroprogrammer Thanks for the pictures about the back side access.

    In addition to @caver01's post, always reverse your passes next to the workpiece. If you reverse while spraying on the workpiece, you'll apply too much paint at the turning point.

    Watch Youtube videos about spray painting, they helped me a lot in my own attempts.

  • @clyde will do

  • If you are feeling up to it you can make some simple stencils out of painters tape.

    Lay down overlapping tape on a wood surface you can scratch like a cutting board. Trace or tape down an image (IE a simple big Pac-Man) Cut the lines with an exacto knife or craft knife.

    Then move the stencil (either the positive or negative image to the cabinet. Press it down.

    Then to ensure there is no bleed under, brush a very thin layer of paint or primer over the edges going from tape to wood and never wood to tape. Let that dry a little bit and then spray your various coats.

    On the last coat remove the tape while the paint is still wet and you should have crisp clean 2 tone art.

    Last tip: If you have pieces that are going to move against each other from sliding or rotating you will want to sand them lightly after painting so they slide smoothly against each other.

    Good Luck.

  • @retroprogrammer, you should go for a 2.1 speakers. I installed one in my bartop and the sound is amazing, because it enhances the bass.

  • @lipebello , I have already bought some cheap Chinese speakers, and they work pretty good :)

  • @Lurker is their a detailed tutorial of this anywhere?

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