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The making of Donkey Kong Country

  • I bet any SNES fan will agree if I said that the DKC games are one of the best games ever released on the SNES. The graphics of the DKC games still look good (well till a point), the music is just amazing. I have beaten the games multiple times on emulator and I still play them a lot. So today I was searching on YouTube for DKC music and I found a video which was about the making of Donkey Kong Country:

    It's just amazing how they could create such masterpiece with limited hardware. Especially the music in the DKC games, it's not like music from other games. Till this day IMHO the music has a very modern "look" to it. So DKC fans enjoy the video as I did!

  • Yes, its really well aged. To my liking, the first DKC isn't that great like many find. I find the perfection came with DKC2. But off course, the first one was ground shaking earthquake!

    Btw, I had the VHS video tape when the game came out. It was part of the advertisement here in Germany and everyone could grab the tape for free. I watched it over and over again, until I got the game. And then, I remember to have placed some random plants around the tv, so I get the right Jungle feeling, with bananas on my right. oh Holy shiiiii....p. What a time. :-)

    What a cool time. :-) Look at it, in 3 years so much happened back then and how games evolved in such a short time. Today, even after 10 years, games look similar. And I am not even talking about graphics quality.

  • @thelostsoul Yup DKC2 was the best one, I really love the pirate theme. The game is still epic, especially that cart level in the 4th world of DKC2. Thank God for savestates lol. I literally sweat from my ass when I play that level. DKC2 also had the best music out of the 3 DKC titles. These are one of the best music I've ever heard in a game:


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