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No analog axes in ES using SixAxis

  • Hi there!

    Switched to a RP3+ two weeks ago and everything works fine.
    Everything but one annoying issue.
    My PS3 sixaxis Joysticks can be configured within the input setting of Emulationstation but the analoge sticks are not recognized.
    I connect them directly with the Bluetooth Menue in, but tried the old way with the Dualshock 3 drivers as well.

    On my older jessie based setup, a Pi3 on another TV (CRT) the analoge sticks work and ever did.
    But with the stretch based RP3+ i can only configure and use them on AdvanceMame, because analoge is not configured in Emulationstation they are also not present in Retroarch. 😔

    Anyone else has these issues or got an idea?
    Setup is official Release of Retropie 4.3.14 updated to 4.4 without any modifications, official Raspberry Power Supply, genuine Sony Sixaxis and a SanDisk 200GB microcard.

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