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G.skill Micro SDXC 128GB - glitches with using retropie image (4.2.20)

  • Hello Folks,
    I have strange issue with my 128 GB G.skill (Micro SDXC 128GB Class 10 UHS-I).
    Using RASPI 3 rev. B
    Image described here is based in Retro Pie 4.2.20 (22 GB Retrorama by Phil Doodle image)
    Devices hooked up are wireless keyboard and 8bitdo wired SF30 pad
    Power supply: 5V; 2500 mA

    I have always had freezing glitches in different part of using retropie (no matter which kind of image I used with G.skill card)
    It was 1-3 second freeze, sometimes during intro on image loading, sometimes during scrolling games list (both ES and attract mode). Sometimes dutring scrolling retropie options menu.
    And always during PSX tekken 3 playing. I thought it was a hardware issue with raspi CPU/GPU performance.

    Then he other day I put retro rama image (22gb) on 32 GB san disk card.
    I was shocked as I did not notice any of above mentioned glitches on that card.
    Everything ran perfectly smooth.
    So I naturally burnt that image onto 128 GB G.skill image to see if tht is the case.
    Unfortunatelly on G.skill 128 GB it was again same issue with freezing, intro was skipping, scrolling list freezing and Tekken 3 freezing.
    Same is hapening on every single image (16gb, 32 gb and other images) burnt onto 128gb G.skill.
    Additionally I have an issue with expand file system command, even though I run it several times, there is always an issue with not enough space on card after burning image onto 128 GB card.
    I always do format and brning procedure in same way using same tools for 128 GB card and 32 GB card.
    But effects are totally different compares these 2 cards, so I suspect it it an issue with 128GB card.
    When I scan 128 gb card for errors there is no errors at all.
    Any recommended tools to check the sd card for good ?
    How to check if card is fully compatible with RASPi 3 rev.B ?
    G.skill card is purchased on legit shop , I have all docs and warranty.
    Can you please advise how can I continue with troubleshooting to find the reason for above mentioned issues.
    RMPrepUSB and flashdrive tester runs test with success.
    Would be hard to claim it I guess.
    Many thanks in advance for any advise.

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    @jacek We don't support 3rd party images - You're free to try the RetroPie image from and report back if you can reproduce the problem.

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