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Saved Game Repo

  • Hey all,

    So after a month or so, I've finally gotten my retropie setup with most of the games I'd want (though everyday seems to bring more).

    But, a big problem I'm having, is that a lot of the games have 'unlockable' content thats only available after either beating the game, or performing some other feat.
    So that got me thinking, why not just download saved game files and plop them into roms folder, so i can play 'unlocked' games.

    However, after some research, it appears that there does not exist such a ' saved game repo' . at best, i can find a bunch of saved games, but it seems for each system, the saved games are mostly in propriety formats, that require some 3rd party program to convert into usable 'saved states' for each emulator. which is quite frankly a pain.

    So, does anyone know of a website or such, that contains a bunch of saved game files for emulators?

    Thanks in advance,


    ps - i know the questionable 'legality' of emulation, and i hope that my request for saved game states doesn't violate this boards T.O.S.

  • @sublim21 said in Saved Game Repo:

    So that got me thinking, why not just download saved game files and plop them into roms folder, so i can play 'unlocked' games.

    Because that's just not right. The point of that 'unlockable' content is to act as a reward for playing the game. If your are just going to skip to the end, whats the point?

    If I showed you a painting and proceeded to say, "Okay, I'm going to cover up 3/4 of this, enjoy." There'd be no point at all.

  • @lilbud

    I understand your point. but not your analogy.

    anyways, there's a bunch of games that i've already 'beaten' the game in my life, and do not feel like pouring a bunch of time into it just to get to a state that i already accomplished. besides, if i want to 'cheat' that should be my choice.

    Turning on soul calibur, or other such fighting game, and seeing my favorite character is not playable because i haven't 'earned' it yet, is frustrating.

    Having a save game repo would probably greatly improve peoples enjoyment of a game. If a player wants to play with all content unlocked then they can, if the player wants to earn the content, then thats their choice too.

  • Although I like to "earn my spurs" sometimes, I think that anyone should play their games like they want. For the vast majority of people, games are for having fun, after all.

    So, if someone wants to play all unlockable content from the start, I'll gladly let them. RetroArch officially supports cheats, after all.

    Another situation in which unlocked saves and cheats are very handy are gaming parties where people just want to have fun. Even hardcore gamers do that from time to time.

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