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Overall slowdown since updating to 4.3?

  • @mitu Thanks for the prompt reply. Yes, I meant the Retropie update script rather than Retroarch...

    So, does this mean that, eventually, I will need to create a new image from scratch and re-configure everything from start? If that is the case, I rather do it now, while there is little to re-configure... N00b question alert: does a new image require a new SD card as well, or may I simply format the same one?

    As for the problem remaining, it's not only PS1 games. Some arcade games (namely SF3 - 3rd Strike on FBA) which ran perfectly before are now slower too.

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    @mrskyle You could save your ROMs and configs and write the new image on the same sd card, and you can also take a backup of the card beforehand (highly recommended).

  • @mitu What I don't understand is how will my configs be saved if I write a new image on the card. Won't I need to format it beforehand? I thought that's what a fresh install meant...
    I will first backup the current image nonetheless. The roms are on an external drive, so no need to worry about those.

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    @mrskyle said in Overall slowdown since updating to 4.3?:

    What I don't understand is how will my configs be saved if I write a new image on the card.

    They won't, that's why I said you need to save them beforehand.

  • @mitu OK, I'm not following. So I backup the current image. I format the SD card. I install the new image. If I copy the backed up image won't it overwrite the new one? Won't the (possible) corruption be carried over as well? Or are we talking about a single "config" file that should then replace the one on the new image? I haven't done any of this before, therefore all these doubts.

    And, more importantly, will this correct my slowdonw issues? Has anyone else experienced any slowdown on PS1 or FBA games after updating to 4.3?

    I'm also considering buying a Pi3, but what really baffles me is that these games used to run well on the Pi2 before, so it's not a hardware issue...

  • @mrskyle the pi 2 has a "standard" overclock that can be set from the raspi-config menu. Im wondering if you had that in effect before the update but somehow got removed when you updated. The overclock is mild and will not void your warranty. I would encourage you to activate it and try a game after and report back.

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    @mrskyle No, saving your ROMs and configs means copying them as files on a PC/USB stick - see this topic for hints on what to copy.

    As you said

    these games used to run well on the Pi2 before, so it's not a hardware issue...

    so it's clearly not a hardware issue, it's a software issue, hence the advice to upgrade to a stock image and try to see if it's solved. I didn't see any reports of slowdown for FBA/PS1 games after upgrade to 4.3, which was released some time ago.

    I'd try to backup the folders - see the aforementioned topic - , backup the image also, then write the new 4.4 image. Copy the ROMs only and try to see if you get any slowdown, then try to add back your configurations.

  • @mrskyle As it was already mentioned, it's highly recommended you start fresh on 4.4 since that uses raspbian stretch. Don't backup your retroarch emulator configs. I had problems when doing that. Snes ran slower and reicast crashed to commandline when I'd exit a game. Backup your games and scraped art/xml's only. I use an sftp client to do this over the network. Overclock to 1ghz with the presetting as it was also mentioned.

    I tested a fresh 4.4 on my pi2 oc'd to 1ghz. SF3 has slowdowns to 58-59fps most of the time and ~54-55fps when doing a super. It was NEVER fullspeed the last time I tried it last year. Sunset Riders goes to its mid 40s and that also happened on fba. Use fba2012 since it's faster with konami games for some reason. Sunset Riders is mostly 60fps with some dips to 59fps once in a while with fba2012. Don't use mame2003. I faintly remember it not being properly emulated. I also tried Pandemonium. Again, 60fps most of the time.

  • Thank you all for your help and suggestions. Life happened in the meantime and I haven't been able to either access my computer from home or try the Pi2, but I will follow your suggestions and report back once I manage to do so.

    TTY soon!

  • Just to give this thread and all you guys some closure, I have not experienced any slowdown on PS1 games since installing Retropie 4.4 from scratch. Perhaps it's the new version, perhaps it was some tinkering I had done and that has now been erased. I did notice that PS1 games tend to slow down on my Pi2 when enabling enhanced resolution, either with or without the speed hack. I have not yet tampered with the overclock settings and I'm not sure if I should, since it's a Pi2... Otherwise I'll simply stick with the bilinear filtering option, which slightly improves graphics, and wait for the Pi4.

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