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Update 4.4 - ScummVM Launching Image Lost and no Gambatte AutoLoad

  • Hey.

    Actually two issues here, that bothnoccured after updating from Stretch betabuild to 4.4

    Using a Pi3 B+, migrated my Data to Stretch Beta build. Everything worked fine, as far as ai can tell. Now my launching image for ScummVM is lost. All launching images for other systems are in place. Rebuilding the launching-images with the tool unde RetroPie-Setup didn‘t work. Also not after removing and reinstalling ScummVm from binary or source.

    Another strange issue is happening with lr-gambatte. I am using it for GameBoy and GameBoy Color, both with separate retroarch.cfgs, no core-overrides used. Both have individual savestate-directories assigned that are actually right, checked it several times. Now when leaving retroarch, the autostate is saved to the right directory. At the next start of retroarch with lr-gambatte the autostate is loaded correctly. Now when I leave it is saved again. And also reloaded at the next entry. I can read „autostate 100% loaded“ in the onscreen dialogue. But this second time, the game starts at the beginning.

    Any suggestions?

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