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[RetroPie Wiki - Article Proposal] PSP Compatibility List

  • First of all, sorry if this is in the wrong place. I just saw Quicksilver's topic was here and thought this one would be fine here as well.

    Now then, I started work on this list as personal project and it shows, but those over in the r/SBCGaming's Discord said I should add it to the RetroPie Wiki. Quite simply, this is the results of testing a little less than 1/3 of the PSP library on an overclocked Pi 3B.

    The reason I came here is because I wanted to get input on if this is something that should be added to the RetroPie Wiki. I know it is already on there now, but currently the only link to it is in this topic and on r/SBCGaming's Discord, with the plan to obviously link to it from the PSP system page. I tried my best to make it into a proper article, but I'm open to suggestions.

    Personally, I think compatibility lists should be hosted on the RetroPie Wiki as most compatibility lists on the RetroPie Wiki are on Google Sheets where the authors quite simply have to make the lists uneditable in most cases otherwise someone who doesn't know what they are doing will destroy the list for everyone. Still, that's another matter for another time.

    Decided to just axe the whole thing. Just put a publicly editable link to a copy of the original spreadsheet. Here's the same link I put in the PSP system article.

    2018-05-07: Also, if anyone is reading this and finds the current spreadsheet inaccurate, then here is the original in view-only.

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    @eckaji said in [RetroPie Wiki - Article Proposal] PSP Compatibility List:

    otherwise someone who doesn't know what they are doing will destroy the list for everyone

    That's still very possible in the wiki too. Perhaps maybe a little less easy depending but anyways if you want to tackle that feel free, I personally never use psp and managing tables in markdown is a bit prohibitive imo which is why we set up the Google sheets in the first place

  • @herb_fargus I've pretty much tackled it as far as I'm willing to at the moment. I'd certainly revisit it later after a Pi 4 were released or if I felt the need to get a Pi 3B+.

    Anyway, I've linked it properly on the wiki now. Hopefully someone finds what I've documented useful. Know I would've loved to just have a quick list of 51 games I could run on my overclocked Pi 3B.

    Decided to just go with the Google Sheets method. It is smarter.

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