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NES Zapper via GPIO on CRT

  • Hello ,
    i have had success with hooking up and using assorted NES controllers to the Pi via GPIO pins. (All 7 nes pins connected as per gamecon GPIO instructions.)

    Does anyone know if, via the GPIO, of the zapper will be detectable as a light gun?
    (Using nestopia, gamecon config, and properly installed nesdatabase.xml.)

    Re: Zapper Question

  • Global Moderator


    It wouldn't work for a couple of reasons. Primarily, RetroArch will only use a mouse or pointer device to emulate a light gun. Popular solutions to this are AimTrak USB guns, as well as a Dolphinbar/Wiimote/Gun casing combo. Another big hangup was input lag, as the screen flash has to occur at the exact moment the trigger is pressed. However, thanks to recent developments that were previously thought to be somewhat impossible, this would no longer be an issue when using capable hardware. Still, support would nonetheless have to be added for RetroArch to interface with actual light guns.

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