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My Pi in a custom painted (SMB3 themed) NES.

  • Hey folks, I know, its been done to death, nothing new under the sun here.
    (I´v made a Snes-Pi, a retro-tv one, a bartop, a "portable" and a wallmounted cabinet before, but wanted a good looking Nes in the collection. :) )
    Here it goes:

    Measuring stuff.. Never gets these things right the first time.

    Sandpapering, painting, clearcoat aaaand more clearcoat.

    I think the correct term is ghettosoldering.. OG power button to the micro usb he to she port.

    The inside. A Raspberry Pi 3B, with RetroPie 4.4. Running ES with the Nes Classich theme and only Nes games.

    The backside.

    The outside.

    Ledlights and a backlit print in the cartridge slot. (sorry for sh*tty pic)

    Thanks for looking. / Mattias

  • I like the paint job. I would have used a powerblock, but that's just my preference. The backlight interior print is a nice touch.

  • Thumbnail sized pictures in 2018? Really? ;-)

    It looks great! I love it, except i would have painted the cartridge slot cover along with the top of the console, the light blue color seems a bit off to me. The backlit print is a really nice touch!

  • @morph-x im old (school)...

  • Remade an old stick to match.. (well almost match, the yellow is pretty darn off)


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