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My first RetroPie build; A Bartop Arcade.

  • Hello again gang. Though I should share the project I did before my PiSnes build.
    (Pardon my english. Not my first language.)
    This was my first build based of Raspberry and Retropie.
    I built an Bartop Arcade. This was a lot of trial and error, remakes and try this to fix that etc.

    Ingredients in this arcade pie:
    A Raspberry Pie 3 model B. (Retropie 4.0 w EmulationStation) 32 gig sd.
    a used Philips 17" lcd screen.
    a old Hori PS3 fight stick. (later swapped with a Sanwa stick and buttons from ebay.
    Usb Led-light ebay china.
    hdmi 2 vga adapter.
    generic cheap pc speakers
    Chrome list from a car parts store.
    (I work at a printhouse, so i was able to keep the costs down on wood, cutting, vinyl, glue etc.)
    All the wood pieces are 10 mm mdf plates.
    One thing Im kinda proud about is the marquee solution. I made a spring/slot thing in the top,
    so I can at any time replace the marquee. I made em 6 of them in photoshop & printed them on plexiglas. Theyre lit up by a cheap usb led light.

    Unfortuneatly, I tossed a lot of the in-progress pics, but here are some:

    my plans, art & cut file. made in Illustartor and PS.

    the old gutted hori stick that worked as my first diy idea.

    wood being cutted with a router.

    This is the first version, w ps3 stick and rather playful 80s heroes artwork..
    The stick stopped working and wires broke pretty fast due to my limited skills in soldering etc.

    And this is how it stands now, w a new button board and new gold vinyl. Start & Select/insert coin buttons on the lower front. Sorry for not showing the inside, it looks really messy though...

    (I´v already started my new build, a 2 or 4 player fullsize cabinet to our new apartment.
    It will of course, also run Retropie, but maybee Ill try out attract-mode.)

  • What unit are the measurements in? I was thinking of building one myself.

    Also, where did you get all of the parts?

  • @lilbud its centimetres. But those measurements were sort of a first draft. Had to redraw some pieces during the build.

  • @Dipkid nice build! I really like the graphics on the side of your cabinet and the chrome accents! If you think about next time you change out the marque, please take a picture of inside the spring/slot because I would love to see how you accomplished it. Just like @lilbud I plan to build something like this in the future but I don't have room for it right now.

  • Very cool. Is making the artwork like that something most print shops would be ok with? I'd have to wonder about copyright issues.

  • @obsidianspider i think most prints shops is totally cool with it. I would even think its legal for personal use. Depends on country i guess.

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