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USB controller

  • Hi guys just wanted to see if a controller like this one is good enough for the Raspberry Pi because my friend needs a decent one for his and i am thinking of getting one for myself and also hope i get an answer very good cause my prime account is ending in a day and well i am using my amazon account for myself and my friend.

  • @ecks That gamepad should work fine because it is a standard USB gamepad and you can just configure it with the RetroPie setup and also RetroArch can see the analog sticks which is great for the games that use them but you need to be sure not to connect too many USB devices because you might get the Lightning Bolt of Annoyance and speaking of annoyances aren't run-on sentences just horrible to try and read and understand I mean come on has anyone ever heard of punctuation?

    EDIT: Also I was just browsing the customer reviews and buyer questions - that controller has been successfully used on Pi setups. Those are common questions people ask on Amazon these days.

    However it seems one reviewer stated that the analog sticks are NOT actually analog. They're set up as digital mirrors of the buttons so be aware of that as well. If you want to use the analog controllers then you might want to pass on that specific controller you linked and find one with true analog. There's plenty of PS2 clones out there that are functionally superior. Just have to dig around and always read the reviews. If someone hated it they'll definitely post a review.

  • @classicgmr Ok thanks and i am going to see about the analog sticks as well cause sometimes people just doesn't know the difference too much between the 2.

  • @Ecks I recommend the Logitech controllers. They are similar in price and are pretty much the standard in usb controllers

  • @dox1842 Too late already bought it.

  • @classicgmr I just got the controller and the person that said they are digital and not analog never owned a PS2 controller cause right between the sticks is the analog button which i have pretty much tested out just now on both my PC and my Pi.

  • @ecks Sweet. :) Glad it worked out!

  • @classicgmr said in USB controller:

    @ecks Sweet. :) Glad it worked out!

    Well i would recommend that controller only if you plan on buying a Pi for a family member or friend lol.

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