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  • I've enabled this option both in rgui and manually as "true"in retroarch.cfg - and yet, the changes I make are not saved upon exit.
    I refer to the ones made in the Main Menu - I tweak mainly Video and Input sections.
    Also, when I go to the Quick Menu and Save Game Overrides, the changes from Video are saved, those from Input are not.

    I know it's an old issue, perhaps solved already, but I could not find an answer despite looking both in wiki and here and it's really bugging me - even though it can be of course remedied by editing things manually, as a last instance. I'm also pretty sure it actually did work, perhaps even recently, before and after updating to 4.4.

    I do so many setting changes, due to using a CRT TV and being a compulsive tweaker at heart, that being able just to change & quit instead of saving overrides or doing manual edits would be a great quality-of-life improvement.

    I'm using RPi 3B+ with 4.4 Retropie image from this site with a USB keyboard & USB PS3 pad.

  • @Floob Dude, you seem to be an expert on this subject -any chance you could help out?
    I saw you talking in some other (old) thread about retroarch.cfg size (> 46K) affecting the ability to save. Or perhaps it might have something to do with permissions?

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    The way RetroPie is set up, it's really not recommended that 'save on exit' be enabled in RetroArch, as it tends to cause a lot of unintended issues. However, being warned, you can either set it to 'true' by using the configuration editor in the RetroPie menu of Emulation Station, or edit the config file by direct means at /opt/retropie/configs/all/retroarch.cfg.

    If you do plan on enabling this, you can avoid a certain amount of trouble by only altering settings when launching RetroArch from the RetroPie menu of Emulation Station and never while a core/game is active. Otherwise, after a while, you'll start to notice situations where certain behaviors differ wildly between the various systems.

    Edit: I just have noticed that you've tried editing it manually. I can't say why this doesn't work. You might try the configuration editor, as noted above.

  • @mediamogul said in Save Configuration on Exit: how to?:

    The way RetroPie is set up, it's really not recommended that 'save on exit' be enabled in RetroArch, as it tends to cause a lot of unintended issues.
    Ok, thanks for this explanation.

    So, the way I see it now, does it mean that in theory Save On Exit writes changes to the main all/retroarch.cfg file? I was under impression that changes I made this way in eg Megadrive would not carry on to Commodore or other emulators. I know that that's what Save Core Overrides is doing, but thought maybe Save On Exit as well.

    Yesterday I tried some new emus for the first time (MSX & Intellivision) and Save On Exit worked there. The changes made were exclusive to both emulators and persistent. So, I remain confused :)
    I might start from scratch and purge all the configs, then monitor carefully all the changes - perhaps one day I will grasp how this works.

  • I had the same problem with Megadrive too. I think what screwed everything is the saving on exit...

    I could not fix it no matter what I tried, so I started doing a fresh install.

    It is so frustrating....

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