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Nespicase + problem to feed pi 3

  • Hello everyone

    My problem is that my pi 3 does not turn on when it plugs into the gpio .
    Watch my video to understand

    Here is a 2nd video that shows you that my raspberry works well .

    my power supply
    my power supply

    I hope you can help me because I'm lost.
    thank you in advance

  • Iooks defective, I would send it back for a replacement

  • You believe that the nespi box and dead?

  • @bizous Well, yes. The Pi works when not connected via the NESPI case boards. Assuming you have wired everything correctly then the only logical explanation is a problem with the case.
    Return it and get a replacement.

  • A pi inside the nespi cases require more power than the pi by itself. It might be the cheap power supply that is the issue. It might not really be anywhere near 3000ma.

  • And you want a power supply that is at least 5.1v output when using the nespi case.

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  • Honestly since the Nespi doesn't light up it is probably defective. The case is powered before the Pi so the red LED should be lit. It's possible the connector on the power button is not making contact but I'd just send it back unless you like soldering (and yes I say sole-der :)).

  • @thedatacereal the light doesn’t always come on right away on the nespi case+. It is perfectly normal.

  • I've found that the power port on the nespi cases are a bit temperamental. On all the cases I've purchased, I observed that sometimes the power connection is no so secure, like the gap created between the case plastic and the port is just a hair too much. All my cases have worked, but I still feel like a bit of grinding with a Dremel around the power port area might help ... I just haven't been brave enough to try that yet. Sometimes I simply need to pull the power plug out and make sure it is firmly pressed in and square/tight against the case plastic.

    Also, a very strong power supply helps. I would suggest one of the newer 5v/3a models. I had a typical 2.5a unit connected to one of mine, and the power supply ended up frying. Annoying power indicator flashed all the time and I suspect the constant heavy draw just caused it to go bad.

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