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Graphics pause while the rest of the emulation continues running...

  • SOLVED!! was the crappy MS keyboard/touchpad dongle, works fine with it unplugged... time to buy a K400 plus... I thought I'd already checked this... leave this here for others with a similar problem?

    On SNES & Megadrive games (maybe all games but I haven't tested yet) the screen freezes for a second or 2, you can still hear the sound effects so you can tell you are still playing the game (sfx for jump , death, collecting stuff etc...)

    RPi 3 with 5V/3A PSU , NESPi case/USB hub, Xbox 360 for windows dongle & MS Wireless keyboard. Using retropie-4.4-rpi2_rpi3.img

  • I have similar problem. I thought its my adapter to the monitor. I use a dongle for keyboard too. What was the interval when you got this screen freeze? I get it maybe once in a hour. Maybe its a different story on my side.

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