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  • Hi All,

    It's been a while since I'f been here, but I though I would throw a question to the more them capable people on here.

    I have a template, attached, for my Retropie setup and would like to tailor this for the individual games. Potentially I would like a script that I can use to add Text to specifical locations on an image.
    If that can be run on the Pi, then that would be good, but if it runs on Windows I can pre create them.

    So being able to call it like or at least wrap it in a script.

    ./addTextToPhoto.xx --image "myimage.jpg" --outputImage "outputImage.jpg" --game "Choplifter" --button1 "Fire"


    ./addText.xx --image "myImage.jpg" --text "Choplifter" --location 450,50 --size 45


    Is there anything out there that I can create these dynamically or am I stuck doing these one by one in GIMP?



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    @mrralphman You can use the ImageMagick suite of programs to do that with a simple command line - see

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