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Mouse and lr-mame

  • Pi Model 3 B
    RetroPie Version: 4.3.16 + running emulation station
    USB Devices connected: Wifi Keyboard, IPAC2 + Spinner

    Wonder if anyone can help with odd problem.
    Want to add trackball or mouse to my RetroPie + Emulation station setup to use with lr-Mame 2000,2003,2010.
    Spinner on IPAC2 works fine, but when I connect USB mouse or trackball 1. spinner stops working (Think this is mouse index issue) and 2. trackball directions work but click left button Mane crashing/locks up.

    Can anyone tell me why lr-mame is crashing?
    Is it possible to get lr-Mame to use more than one mouse device for player device (Similar to AdvMane "input_map[p1_trackballx] mouse[0,x] mouse[1,x] mouse[2,x] mouse[3,x]")?
    Also does anyone know how to make lead to connect mouse to IPAC2?

  • I had this issue where a left mouse click would freeze any game that had a panel overlay (the side art around the actual gameplay). Here was a thread about it. It looks like its fixed on the newest version of Retroarch 1.7.7.

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