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Can't login with FileZilla through sftp

  • I cannot login to sftp via FileZilla. I remember in the first month (february) I could do it but then it stopped working. I didn't care for this. Not sure if I messed something up. I can login through PuTTY SSH and do all the stuff in terminal. I also can login with file manager through samba and I have the 4 retropie folders (including roms) available and there is absolutely no problem working within it. But whenever I try to login with a ftp program, it just don't work. Its frustating, as it worked in the beginning. But I am not sure if something about ftp is changed, wasn't it ftp then instead of sftp? I tried the following with restarts betwen and it still don't work. I tried to add some rules on my router, but I bet its something on the Pi?

    Important: I can login to my web server of my webpage with sftp. So FileZilla and sftp are working.

    Re: Unable to get SFTP working on RetroPie setup

    @stoo said in Unable to get SFTP working on RetroPie setup:

    All I can think of is either the SSH config got screwed up somehow or there is a firewall issue.

    I'm guessing PuTTY does the same thing if you try to SSH to the RPi?

    Edit: Actually, you could try the advice from the end of this recent thread:

    @mitu said in SSH Only works as a guest [SOLVED]:

    Try this:

    sudo apt-get -y purge  openssh-server
    sudo apt-get -y install openssh-server

    Then try enabling SSH again and/or rebooting.

    I use Ubuntu 18.04.
    FileZilla 3.28.0 asks for updating the certificate and then it only does this:

    Status:	Connecting to
    Status:	Connected to
    Error:	Connection timed out after 20 seconds of inactivity
    Error:	Could not connect to server
    Status:	Waiting to retry...
    Status:	Connecting to
    Response:	fzSftp started, protocol_version=8
    Command:	open "pi@" 22
    Command:	Pass: *********
    Status:	Connected to

    Pi Model or other hardware: Raspberry Pi 3B
    Power Supply used: Official Pi 3 psu 2,5A/5V
    RetroPie Version Used: 4.4
    Built From: (I don't have file for filename anymore)
    USB Devices connected: 2 Buffalo Classic Gamepads, 1 Universal Arcade Fightstick, 1 wireless adapter for mini keyboard
    Controller used: ---
    Error messages received: (described above)
    Guide used: (described above)

  • Please help

  • I had file Zella issue as well on my Mac and couldn’t get it to work. Cyber Duck did much better. I think there is a PC version.

  • @cowwolfe But FileZilla did work with RetroPie in the first few weeks or month in February. I thought I messed up with some settings and just ignored it. I also tried BareFTP and same. And FileZilla connects and works with my Web Server (online service).

  • @thelostsoul

    I tested Filezilla and it works fine for me. The only things you should have to make sure are set for FIlezilla to work is:

    Making sure the Protocol is set to SSH Transfer.
    Double check your IP address
    Double check SSH is enable on the Pi from the Raspi-config menu . (If it worked before and you re-imaged at some point this may very well be the culprit).

  • I use filezilla as well without said before make sure ssh is enabled.

  • @thedatacereal I did, really. And like i said above, SSH works through Putty. I am sure about the IP, SSH is enabled. Protocol on FileZilla is SSH Transfer too. I am lost.
    Which version of FileZilla are you using? I start to think it could be a FileZilla library issue, maybe since I did upgrade? I even did install a new version of my OS (Ubuntu).

  • Global Moderator

    @thelostsoul Since SSH works, the problem seems to be related to FileZilla, maybe the profile/connection setting you have for your retropie system is not working from the upgrade. Can you try create a new connection - using retropie instead of the IP address - and see if it makes a difference ?

  • @mitu It stopped working several weeks or even month ago, before upgrading RetroPie to 4.4 and even on my old Ubuntu install (I did a fresh install). It does not make any difference if its the IP or retropie.

    But, if I think about it, when it worked, it was maybe FTP then? Not sure here.

  • Could it be an issue with the host key file? I would think Filezilla would throw a host key message when trying to connect though.

  • @thedatacereal I don't know what a host key file is and how to check. Should I post something here?

  • Hopefully this helps you. But for us...

    NOT using 5g wifi connection fixed FTP- and other issues- for us. Try 2.4 g instead.

    5g is temperamental our experience. Maybe it's all the wireless stuff we have in and around our home and neighborhood that's causing issues... But, we've had experiences with other wireless devices gacking out or choking too (or just stopping working wirelessly), like iPhone, on 5g connections.

    More info, for me:

    • I tried to set up FTP and it wouldn't work
    • Then, struggling with it, suddenly it did work. Wat...? uh.. ok...
    • Then, it frustratingly suddenly didn't, for an unknown reason.
    • Pi was wiped (for another reason). Then, there was no FTP success for me at all.

    And in my struggles after the wipe...

    • I could ping the Pi from other machines
    • I could SSH into the Pi using its IP address from the Pi itself (ie:, or whatever).
    • And I could SSH into from the Pi itself (so SSH worked fine)
    • I added extra FTP ports, just in case (sudo nano /etc/ssh/sshd_config), even odd/high ones just in case (like 44444). And yeah, I restarted ssh process server after the changes. No luck.
    • I checked firewall to make sure nothing else was getting in the way.
    • Then, peak ANGER: my husband could FTP to the pi, but I still couldn't!!! Not with Filezilla, and not with SublimeText SFTP, not with anything. No dice.

    Then, out of the blue randomly, he complained that the 5g connection dropped on another unrelated device. That's when I checked my Pi, and there it was, "5G". On our wireless router we have 2 access points: one for 5g, and one for 2.4g. I then switched away from 5g for my connection, over to the 2.4g one instead, and instantly it worked!!

    Also, just now as we're literally debugging the whole situation still this very moment, diddling around with 5g vs 2.4g, he told me that when he uses 5g on his Pi (we have two - he has one and i have one), his laptop's connection, which is also on 5g, totally fails and locks up.

    Anyway, 5g and the Pi seem to be bad combination... at least that's what we've concluded so far in our efforts.

    So, that's our story.

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