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  • I just applied Bezels (overlays) to a ton of systems:
    Sega master sytem
    Sega CD
    sega genesis

    Here is my question, in most system, the bezel looks amazing and the output image is resized to fit the full screen, the area designated in the bezel.

    Other systems don't seem to resize or if they are it isn't right.


    I know there are videos and guides, but I honestly can't figure out why retroarch would fix the aspect ratio of one system (nes) and not another (GBC)


    I went through Retroarch and changed the X and Y position and lined everything up which worked perfect on my test TV. When I moved it to another tv everything was off again.

    Anyone out there willing to help? I know when I use to use Floobs Video Manager I could hook the pit up to different TV's without issues. So there must be a solution.

  • @epicrean said in Bezels and sizing basic question:

    I went through Retroarch and changed the X and Y position

    Every overlay is made for a specific screen resolution (not for specific TV); e.g. 1080p, if both TVs are set to 1080p the overlays must display correctly on both.
    On top of that each overlay has a viewport (actual game area) that is sized for specific game area scale (e.g. integer scale, 3x, etc). If your retroarch settings for a specific core are different than the settings the overlay was intended for then it will not display correctly.

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