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Graphic Issues with NeoGeo [Pifba on R1 B+]

  • Hi everyone,

    I'm having graphic glitches with NeoGeo titles using Pifba (v0.2.96.71) on RetroPie (v4.4).
    I'm using a Raspberry 1 B+, therefore it seems that Pifba is the only emulator for working for NeoGeo.
    I've updated the roms and bios dataset using CLRMamePro (using the dat from the pifba github).
    My PowerSupply is a 5v 2A,i've installed retropie using the image from the website.
    Now, the games load,they run...but,i've tried 5 different roms,(including MSlug X,3,Blezestar,which should all be playable) and
    all have the same exact problem.
    [See full album here]

    Any idea on what might be causing it?
    Thanks in advance.

    alt text

  • @jmtk said in Graphic Issues with NeoGeo [Pifba on R1 B+]:

    Any idea on what might be causing it?

    Make sure you have the right romsets, and don't expect too much help about pifba, the emulator has been dead for years. You should probably consider buying a rpi3b+ and running lr-fbalpha with the proper romsets.

  • I'm pretty positive that the romsets are correct with the emu version.
    I've ordered a 3B+, should come in the mail tomorrow,was hoping to be able to find a use on the old rpi but i guess it's gonna be something else.


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