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FUSE - Controller D-Pad can't be used

  • Retropie 4.4
    Raspberry Pi 3
    8bitdo SF30 Pro

    When using FUSE with a joypad that has analogue sticks the d-pad doesn't work. You have to control everything with the analogue. This can be a nightmare in the GUI as it's far too sensitive. @BuZz Is this GUI only used on the Retropie version and is there any way to make the d-pad work (GUI and ingame) ? I don't use lr-fuse as it's far too outdated and lacks a lot of options.

    Also, did you ever get a chance to see why the latest version of FUSE doesn't work on Retropie ? I think it was something to do with Dispmanx ?

  • Is there a hack of something for Retropie that will allow the D-pad to work instead of the Analogue stick ?

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