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Scrape info gone.

  • Hello I am new to this and have built myself an arcade and I setting it all up. I had everything the way I wanted it then the next day my scraped info for everything has vanished. I tried scraping it again using the scraper in emulation station . It came back saying complete but still not info or images showing for any of the 700 games. What do I do?

    Thanks in advance

  • @linnzer i was never really happy with the built in scraper.

    I can recommend using
    universal XML scraper
    sselph scraper
    both can be used on windows and for sselph there is a very nice batch script

    i use sselph because it is fast and clean and nice. XML scraper is very intuitive and automated the whole process with SSH integration into your pi from windows

  • Banned

    I've used everything.
    SSelph is fantastic but has limits, no way to scrape computer systems, horrible snaps for Arcade with all the filters, they are not those you get with other programs and same source. Overall great and fast for console.
    UXML scraper is very good but incredibly slow on server. Work only on Win.
    Skyscraper, i don't get much the hype, it's good and you can run from Pi terminal, so is slightly fast (not much) and give some very quality snaps (i don't like the cover mix layout), but he missed roms often.
    Skraper - Very very good, it's fast but got some problems with some formats, like pbp (very slow), some miss here also, but generally is accurate, and great snaps (those you get around on pre made packs and images, mostly), works only on Win.
    Internal scraper - It's pretty horrible, unstable, very low accurate, everyone hate it, but is functional and easily will get the spot, as long the filename is very true to original. Lot of errors - I prefer wrong snap than empty space - i don't recommend folder and overall scraping, very, VERY fast after last update. I would keep it as a last resort, but it has its advantages.

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