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Vertical 16x9 with Marquee Project

  • I salvaged an older 24 inch 16x9 monitor and decide to do a vertical retropie setup. I've created a generic marquee for the default and using a rom based config to launch specific overlays in retroarch for the ones I have created. I also tweaked the carbon theme to fit my layout better. I see I need to adjust the bottom menu a bit. I'll include a few photos.

    I'm looking for ideas on cabinets. I would really like a bartop and my favorite is the galaga. It would not need a separate marquee as the overlay is enough for me. Any ideas welcome.

    0_1528475182010_dkong.jpg 0_1528475187183_docastle.jpg

  • vertical 16:9 with marquee overlay, what a stunning concept. i like this very much. makes me want to build another cabinet, this time vertical

    id say with no extra marquee it tends to be a very slim and minimalistic kind of cabinet like this
    slim arcade

  • Interesting concept. What scaling are you using for the game area?

  • Thanks, I had kicked this around in the past but just finally gat around to it. That style would work awesome for this concept. Maybe I will look for something like a 32 inch or slightly larger.

  • @udb23 Using 1200x1600 for the game and 1200x320 for the marquee. a little short for most marquee's, but hot bad.

  • Good work. I've been planning the same thing myself and I'm hoping to get my cabinet built over the summer but I'm using a 27inch monitor in my case and will be going for a Pac-man theme. I'm sure I've seen similar cabinets made in the past but as far as I know there aren't any plans available online so I've been designing my own in sketchup. Once my sketchup plans are finished I'll probably share them here.

    Edit: Your display is actually 16:10 (1920x1200). A 16:9 display would actually give you a little more room for the marquee. On my plans I'm putting a divider so the marquee is clearly separate from game. On a standard HD screen you could have 1080x1440 for the game and 1080x480 for the marquee area.

  • This is a cool idea! Short of two displays (one just for the marquee) this is a really nice way to go. You could even glue a strip of T-moulding across the junction and integrate that into a very interesting cabinet design.

  • Wow !!! Really hyped to use my 24" in vertical way to use your theme if you release it one day !
    And, aside from that, are Cave games playables (all of them) on Rasperry 3 ? Or do I need a Pi3+ ?

  • I hope you are making a ton more of these and sharing the art files. It would be really cool to add the bezel as well.


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