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XBOX ONE Controller unable to use as player #1

  • Apologies as I am very new to raspberry pi and retropie. I am building a small arcade type cabinet for my kids(and me) with several systems including playstation(lr-pcsx-rearmed). I have two arcade style joysticks and buttons attached to two zero delay usb encoders(dragonrise). I would like to have 2 xbox one wireless gamepads that can be used for certain systems like playstation and N64 and perhaps dreamcast and maybe a few others. I have been able to follow some video tutorials to get the xbox one bluetooth controller to be used in Emulationstation and launch games. The problem arises when I try to play the games, the xbox controller does not usually work. I followed one guide from github for a global joystick naming tool that allows you to assign names to the joysticks and specify which joystick you want to be player one in each system. I assigned the xbox one wireless controller to be player 1 for playstation. When I launch the game I see some writing in yellow that says dragonrise is port #1 and then it leaves and then yellow writing appears that says xbox wireless is port #2. I am able to use the xbox controller to play games only as player 2 in playstation. I think that if I unplugged the dragonrise/zerodelay encoder I would be able to set the xbox controller as port(player)#1 but the idea is to have those USB joysticks be inside the cabinet. Is there a way to have the dragonrise encoders stay attached to the usbs but still use the xbox one controller as player#1(Port #1)
    I have a Raspberry Pi 3 B
    5v 2.5 amp power supply
    Retropie version 4.4.1
    Built from premade Retropie Website image
    I have 2 Zerodelay USB encoders hooked up to arcade style joysticks and buttons and an Xbox one wireless gamepad 1708 (so far)
    I am hopeful that someone has already figured this out, but I did not find an answer in the forums.

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