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Need for LEFT 1P&2P and RIGHT 1P&2P start buttons

  • Hello! I'm running the latest version of retropie on a raspberry pi 3 with X-Arcade Tankstick. With the drivers, it acts as 2 gamepads. The layout is such that there are 2 "dedicated" start buttons, 1P and 2P and appear to be shared(?) between the 2 pads.

    I'm trying to run the 20th anniversary edition of Ms-PacMan + Galaga (20pacgal) which requires 4 start buttons. 1 and 2 player on the left (to start ms pacman) and 1 and 2 player on the right (to start galaga). Pressing left or right will start the correct game in one player mode but i cant seem to get a 2-player for each.

    With Pac-Man, there's plenty of buttons free so i assumed i could map the other buttons as starts for this game but i don't see anything clearly stating "use this button for player 1 left start, etc.)

    I'm running the game under "arcade" and the lr_fbalpha emulator (which appears to be version

    Any assistance is appreciated!

  • I don’t use lr_fbalpha, but I think it behaves the same as the Mame cores. If so, run a game and when it is running press “tab” (obviously you will need a keyboard connected to do this). It will bring up a menu. From there you can see which buttons are used for which functions. Scroll down to the function you want, hit “enter” and then press the button you want to use for that function. This way you can set your keys to do what you want.

  • Did you get it working? I've been trying to do the same thing, but can't seem to make it work. Right now player1_start begins Ms. PacMan for 1 player and player2_start begins Galaga for 2 players. I've tried going into the FBA menu to change the controls but when I cycle through the buttons, the only available start button is "Start (left)", which both player1_start and player2_start are bound to. Any help would be awesome!

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