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Cannot navigate the menu in PPSSPP

  • Hi all, I'm trying out the PPSSPP emulator in RetroPie but I can't use my D-pad or Joystick to navigate the pause menu. Input work good in-game but when I enter the menu, it doesn't register my input in the menu. Exiting the menu work. So if I can't navigate the menu, I can't exit the game. The controller I'm using is DIY one made from an Atmega 32u4 based Arduino and it have dual joystick. The only device connected to USB is the controller, nothing else. My setup is a Raspberry Pi 3 B+ and the lastest RetroPie image. My power supply is the Adafruit's Powerboost 1000C and no overclock if that matter.

    p/s: Navigating the menu using a keyboard work but using my controller doesn't work. Other libretro and non-libretro emulator have no problems, just PPSSPP.

    Attached is a picture of my system:

  • was this ever solved?

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