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M.A.M.E. Issue After Scraping, Worked Before But Not After

  • Pi Model: Pi 3b
    Power Supply used: A 50/60hz 250mA
    RetroPie Version Used: 4.4
    Built From: Premade Image
    USB Devices connected: USB Keyboard, external hard drive Western Digital 2 TB and a USB controller.
    Controller used: PS4 and X-Arcade Tankstick
    Emulator: lr_mame2003 as main but I tried all versions
    Roms from set 0.78
    Hi everyone,
    I'm having an issue that's at random. The games work perfectly fine before I scrape them, but afterwards when I try to play them they wont boot up and it goes straight back to the main menu. I tried all the emulators but they just dont want to work. I'm talking about BattleZone, Ghouls and Ghosts and Ghosts and Goblins specifically. I'm sure theres a few more but it's only with MAME and only after I scraped. Could only find one article online but it was about GBA and the issue wasnt resolved. Thanks in advance.

  • Global Moderator

    Never heard of games not working after scraping, what did you use to scrape ? Maybe the scraper has modified the gamelist.xml file and put the wrong paths to the ROMs ? Can you check your gamelist.xml file and see if it's the case ?

  • @mitu cool that sounds like a good idea, thanks. I'll have to check that later. I used the default one, it's pretty bad but I'm 90% through before I saw the better ways to do it so I'm just gonna finish with it.

  • Global Moderator

    The default scraper is not going to modify the paths of the ROMs, I was thinking you might have used an external scraper (like Universal XML scraper) which might have produced a faulty gamelist XML file (although it's not something I've seen reported).
    Are you sure that it's not something related to your external drive ?

  • @mitu I have other games on there and they all work fine. It's just a few of my MAME games. Not even all, its weird. I was thinking about renaming the game files that didn't work on the hard drive to a different name and scrape them again and see if it works.

  • @urko948 The roms / zip files shouldn't be renamed. Mame expects them with specific names, because in the emulator is a database of filenames and other informations. Thats why you need a specific romset for a specific Mame version btw. If you rename anything, then you should do this within the gamelist.xml or elsewhere related. So, you should bring back the original state of roms with original names. Then remove the non working gamelist.xml by moving the file to different place for later analysis.

    And then? I don't know. :D Maybe upload the faulty gamelist.xml, so we can check it and maybe see something unusual going on.

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