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Spoiled With Retropie

  • So between school and work I try to make time for potato tots and Steam's sales. As much as I have been fiddling with Retropie over the long while, I sometimes forget to actually play the games. Last couple of weeks I went on an N64, Super Metroid, and Pokemon Ultraviolet kick and decided to grab up a couple of steam games while they were on sale. Then I decided to play some steam games.


    Know what's nice? :

    Save states. Not so much for facerolling or cheating, but saving an exact spot to go turn on the toaster oven and season up the food.

    ADD kicks in? Select and Start. Don't have to go to the pause menu to go to the level menu to go to the main menu to exit and then confirm exit.

    Controls acting wonky or uncomfortable? Select & Top button. Pop off a couple of quick changes and back in the game. Most modern games are fairly easy to switch but there's so many that want to be difficult or fancy and makes the adjustment so unintuitive.

    Hungry or thirsty? Hotkey your invisible girlfriend to Select and Up and boom! Instant grilled cheese and ale. (I wish).

    While a lot of this is Retroarch, emulators, etc, the fact that Retropie puts everything together in one place makes one wish the same held true for the rest of the world. To be honest, I expected Steam to drive developers to head this direction, and in many ways I think they have, though maybe not all in part to Steam. I even had hoped Windows gaining the Windows Store would have streamlined some things, but I've decided to not even go down that road.

    All in all I think it's amazing that a system based on gaming and applications from forever ago is still more intuitive and delightful than a modern HD experience with all of the frills and bells. It's the little things that help make the experience fun for me and also keep me spoiled. Maybe one day the Retropie team can buy Steam and not only can we have a quick exit, but also Half Life 3:)

  • @thedatacereal said in Spoiled With Retropie:

    Maybe one day the Retropie team can buy Steam and not only can we have a quick exit, but also Half Life 3:)

    RetroPie team as videogame overlords. Can't say I would be too sad about that.

  • @hooperre

    Yeah, I wonder how that would play out... It's an interesting idea.

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