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Retropie Drops Off Of Local Network?

  • Pi 3 B+
    Started with the official 4.4 and have updated since more than once.

    So here's a rundown:

    Bought a new Pi 3B+ a good while back and still excited there was a new model (tee hee).

    Waited for the Stretch 4.4 to be official and then installed it.This time around I was aggravated with how much I buy new Pi's and play with things so I decided to make this build a USB stick rom build, with the core OS on the sdcard as laid out in the Docs. Everything seems to work great.

    I had it on a LAN cable but added my wifi credentials to be able to take it on the road and use my hotspot.

    All of this was done within a week or two of the new build.

    Now my Pi drops off of the network and never reconnects. But it's random. The weird part is that the LAN cable is still connected so that should take precedence over any wifi settings, correct? So it all works fine at first, I use SSH on my phone and a day or two later it's not connecting. Router also shows it as not in the device list. A reboot fixes it for a day-ish. Sometimes 2-3.

    Any suggestions of which logs to check? I suspect my router is doo-doo lately but everything else connects if there is a hiccup so why wouldn't my Pi?

    Yours Truly,


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    Seems similar to, still unresolved.

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