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Daphne command line not working

  • I think what I had done is use "lair.commands" as the file name but was using the ROM, so it needed to be "dle21.commands" which worked. I just have "-useoverlaysb 0" in the file.


  • Thanks for the input. I unfortunately don’t have the dle21 version. I used my old DVD to get the files. So it s not the enhanced version. So my file is named lair.commands which matches all my other file names. It is so frustrating. I have tried so many different command lines. Just seems like is doesn’t see the file at all.

  • @smurf I had a problem like this once. It was my file name. I was editing over the network from a Mac and it was saving the commands file with another extension (hiding it) so I guess my file was lair.commands.txt. That obviously did not work.

    How are you creating the file?

  • @smurf - I don't think dle21 is a specific version but is more like a ROM that is a logical reconstruction to game organization and presentation. Basically it changes the scene order, timings, etc. You should be able to use your DVD slates just fine with lair, dle11, dle20, dle21, etc.

  • I did the same thing that you did smurf, pulled the files from the DVD. The different ROMS only affect how the scenes play out. I was having a skipping issue with Dragons Lair, I tried the other ROM and the issue went away. I also wanted the drawbridge scene at the beginning which the other ROM includes.

    Same is true for Space Ace, there is something called Space Ace Enhanced which only does some scenes depending on your choices, so its not as linear. These versions use the same files, the only difference is the ROM file, and then having things in directories that reference the rom name, so you can do it.

    yes what @caver01 said, how you created the file might matter. maybe drill into it and save with the nano editor?


  • @caver01 Ok. thanks. I'll look into that. Hope I can figure it out.

  • @riverstorm I'm just starting to figure that out. This whole time I thought ENHANCED meant High Def., so I have just been ignoring all of that.

  • @caver01 That was it. It had a hidden .txt after it I resaved it to my desktop without the extension it it work. Thank you so much. All that frustration is now gone.

  • Thanks for your help everyone. Not only do I have my command lines working, but I also have the Enhanced versions of Dragons Lair and Space Ace. I have lots of space on my sd card so I have a couple versions of each game. So awesome. Thanks again everyone. I would have gone crazy and never would have figured it out.

  • @smurf said in Daphne command line not working:

    I have lots of space on my sd card so I have a couple versions of each game.

    You don't even need the .m2v file in each folder for different rom versions of the same game. Just point the path in the [gamename].txt file to the folder where the .m2v resides. For example, my lair.m2v resides in daphne/lair.daphne, but I also have dle21 in its own directory daphne/dle21.daphne.

    My lair.txt in daphne/lair.daphne/:

    151     lair.m2v

    My dle.txt in daphne/dle21.daphne/:

    151     lair.m2v

    Mind the first line. In lair.txt, it points to "this directory" (.), but in dle.txt it points to lair.daphne "one level above this directory" (..), both paths seen relatively from the location of the respective .txt file. Since both rom versions use the same video file, this saves a lot of space.

    Alternatively, you could create a symbolic link to the file in the other directory:

    ln -s /home/pi//RetroPie/roms/daphne/lair.daphne/lair.m2v /home/pi//RetroPie/roms/daphne/dle.daphne/lair.m2v

    The first method has the advantage that it still works even if the daphne directory is moved to another location, as long as lair.daphne and dle21.daphne remain at the same relative positions to each other.

    Yeah I know, you said that you have lots of space, but maybe that will change in the future with an ever growing games collection, or others here will find this useful. :)

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