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Video Support Causing RetroPie To Freeze

  • @cyberonix the one from the raspberry pi website is certainly good. I have had no issues with Canakit’s one either.

  • If the videos are the issue, you may want to turn on OMX Player Support in the other settings and see if it works.

    I will also give you some comments from my own experience, that are potentially not relevant but worth mentioning. It might be that your USB drive is causing these lockdowns - do you notice its light blinking a lot or even staying constantly on when these "freezes" happen?

    I have had great experiences with several 64GB thumb drives, but I had two Lexar 128GB thumb drives that have never worked reliably and cause the exact same issues, mostly freezing because of USB I/O. This would cause an endless circle of problems because shutting off the Pi would result in bad sectors in the drive.

    In my case, I'd wait for a few mins and eventually it'd resume working, but it was clearly not ideal so I stopped using those.

    Unsure if related, but thought I'd share these two pointers.

  • @douga Thank you. I'll check those out.

  • @pjft First I'll have to make sure I've turned on OMX support. The USB drive unfortunately doesn't have an indicator light so I don't have any way to tell if it's frequently active.

    I'm wondering if the videos can be run from the SD card itself even though the ROMS are on the USB drive just as a test. Is it as simple as copying the images an gamelist.xml files to the appropriate folder on the SD card?

  • @cyberonix They certainly can, but I wouldn't rush and do it without confirming that that's the actual issue.

  • I wanted to post an update.

    1. The failure to mount USB drive issue was unrelated to the video glitch and freeze issue. Oddly enough this issue was isolated to one location. When the pie is plugged into a multi-outlet strip where I work it always gives the mount error message. When plugged in at home I never see it. I'm not sure if that's something that would resolve itself with a better power supply or if it's just something that happens depending on how clean the power source is.
    2. The freezes seem to be caused by me not making changes in the settings. When I originally picked a video enable theme I didn't change anything else. After changing "UI Settings \ Gamelist View Style" to Video and "Other Settings \ Use OMX Player (HW Accelerated)" to On I no longer see the issue. I haven't done extensive testing yet but so far so good.

    Thank you for the help and suggestions.

  • @cyberonix Glad to hear that turning on OMX Player seems to have fixed or mitigated things.

    In regards to power issues and the pi, it is indeed a curious little thing. It may be caused by current fluctuations or something else - honestly that's not my area of expertise. Still, I suppose it's good you managed to narrow it down to something actionable!

  • Hi, I used to have this exact same issue with my Pi 3 and the reason for it was the power supply. Sometimes, I found that if I rebooted once or twice, things stablized and I didn't get the freezing anymore but it would be a roll of the dice if it stayed good after another reboot. I swapped out power supplies and I had far fewer issues.

  • @zerojay Thanks. I actually ordered one of the Canakit power supplies earlier today!

  • I also had the same thing happen on my Odroid Xu4 even with the best power supply while using an external hard drive. Turns out the real issue was that the power where I was living at the time just sucked.

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