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Kodi Assistance Needed!

  • I am looking for some help setting up an autoplaylist in Kodi.

    I am building a bartop cabinet for playing 80s arcade classics, in addition to the games I would like to have the option to run a playslit of 80s music videos as well. Ultimately what I would like to see is a menu item alongside the various gaming systems entitled 'Music Videos'. Selecting that Item would bring up a list of music videos

    At this point I have Kodi on the list of systems and I have managed to use Kodi to play videos but it takes several clicks to get there - any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks for your help

  • I did something like this a long time ago, but can't give you specifics right now.

    It sounds like you want a list of videos similar to how you see lists of games. However I imagine that you probably want the video to play and then exit back into emulation station when done.

    The way to do this is to find a media player of some kind (mplayer is one of my favorites) and then set it up in ES as a new system where the videos files are "roms", and the player simply plays a supplied file and exits when done. This requires installing the desired media player, making sure it can take over the video display just like game emulators do, setting up es_systems.cfg and other files to recognize the new system, you may want customized system graphics, etc.

    I was thinking to do something similar for my kid's system. Not impossible, but takes some work.

  • @jamesnj That about sums it up - I will look into mplayer - thanks for the advice

  • Solved!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Abandoned Kodi went with Omxplayer

    Added the following to es_systems.cfg
    <fullname>Music Videos</fullname>
    <extension>.avi .AVI .mp4 .MP4 .mkv .MKV</extension>
    <command>omxplayer -r -o hdmi --win "319 119 959 599" %ROM%</command>

    This plays a 640x480 video in the center of my display. Now I just have to get my hands on more 80s videos!

  • I'm glad it worked out!

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