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Vizio television on continues to display "not supported"

  • Hello

    I am using a Pi3. My power supply is rated as a 5V, 2500mA. I recently, yesterday and again today, downloaded the RetroPie v4.4 zip file from unzipped the image file and loaded to my microSD card. I installed the SD card back into my Pi and with only a keyboard attached tried to run it on the 32" vizio it was already attached to. Instead of loading as it had before I updated, the screen initially displayed "retreiving data" then read "not supported".

    I read the video issues page on retropie org uk and adjusted the settings as directed:

    no change

    I have spent the entire day looking over forums with each person apparently attempting to use a specific monitor which is not what I am attempting. I have been able to attach the pi to a monitor but not to the Vizio television. I know the Pi is working because I have run it on that monitor. The "not supported" message is from the TV not the Pi. The best result I have achieved so far after getting the "not supported" display was a flickering screen of retropie running before the screen again went black. The Pi has no error log because it is sending a display. Just not one the television is recognizing. If I initiate the Pi on the HP monitor, remove the HDMI cable from the monitor, and attach the HDMI cable from the television, it will display with no issues. If I attempt the same process in the opposite direction. The television will not display anything but the previously described fault, and when switched over to the monitor it displays a fault requesting the resolution be stepped down to 1440 / 900. This happens with the the config file set to safe=1 and hdmi_mode being set to 4. No matter what setting I have tried to influence. the fact seems to be that the handshake between the Pi and my Vizio has a flaw. resulting in the same events:

    retreiving data...
    not supported
    blank screen
    retropie main game screen flickering
    blank screen
    not supported

    any help would be appreciated. I tried to find this situation in the forums but found none of the monitor not functioning solution made any changes to my situation.

  • @solitaire07 are you sure you should be setting the settings to 1080p and not 720p? Your tv might only support 720p.

  • The TV supports 1080, but I found the solution by hot swapping the unit after booting with the computer monitor. This boot up set the output to the monitors resolution. Once attached to the Television I had a clear and steady picture. Using the video set-up in the Retropie menu I set it up to use the monitors default resolution. I then shut down and rebooted, and the system loaded to the retropie config I had just corrected. Going back into the Retropie menu's video set-up, I was now given the option to change the resolution to television, progressive, at 720, which is where I wanted this to run to allow for portability. I saved and rebooted and the system loaded on the next try. Four reboots later the system is still easily displayed.

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